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    A 'C' Change in the C-Suite by Eva Sage-Gavin

    Last week I received an email electronically signed by a business colleague. Her name was familiar, but her title was not: chief collaboration officer, a designation unique to her organization. I’ve also seen other new, disruptive titles: chief experience officer, chief culture officer, chief ethics officer and chief analytics officer. Some of these titles replace the traditional CHRO title, while others are new additions to the C-suite that require close partnership with HR chiefs. Still others are entirely new executive titles and may exist within HR or as part of other functions in the C-suite.

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    What Makes Great Leaders Great? by Dave Ulrich

    The workplace is one environment where effective leadership is incredibly important. In this path you will learn that it can mean the difference between success or failure for the company. What makes a great leader? There isn't one simple answer to that question, as there's so much that goes into effective leadership.

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    Being Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable: Advice to New CHROs and Others! by Dave Ulrich

    Feeling comfortable by knowing what to expect and how to respond is certainly nice. But in a world of dramatic uncertainty and constant change, maybe we need a bit more comfort with discomfort— a recognition that my new surroundings may mean that I feel in over my head, that I am not sure I can do what is expected of me, and that I don’t always know what to do or how to do it.

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    Going off the Grid by Donna Morris

    Remember that last day of school before the summer break? There was a collective sense of excitement as students and teachers counted the seconds to the final bell of the school year that signified the start of summer.

    Once we leave school, we lose that sense of collective excitement as summer nears. Fast forward to 2009, Adobe was going through several key business changes and, as part of that, re-evaluated its employee rewards programs, including the vacation benefit. Adobe made the decision to replace accrued vacation time for exempt employees in the U.S. and Canada with two shutdown periods — one in summer and one in winter, complemented with additional PTO to be used throughout the year — which, initially, was viewed by employees as modestly beneficial (that is, being positive).

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    The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders.

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    Speak the Language by Jill B. Smart.

    You might be asking, “Well, what language is that?” Business language, of course! Every human resources professional needs to be first and foremost a business professional. Yes, even before being a human resources professional. You might have two reactions to that statement:

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    Every HR Leader Needs a VR Mindset by Eva Sage-Gavin

    To lead in the new “imagination economy,” HR leaders have new ways to perceive—and steer—our organizations for agility and reinvention.

    As HR leaders, we have unprecedented new opportunities to reimagine and transform our competitive and workplace realities. There are new ways of viewing our ecosystems to gain breakthrough insights and ideas from “peripheral vision” that extends outside the boundaries of our organizations. We are able to create a virtual version and expanded scenarios of future possibilities to allow us to easily test and experiment with new ideas before we pilot them in physical reality. We can move from conventional HR roles to predictive-workforce experts, deeply steeped in organization agility and innovation.

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