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    The Future of HR: Reflections on What’s Next
    by Dave Ulrich

    We can’t relive the past, but we can learn from it to create our future. The past two years of unprecedented work challenges (COVID pandemic, social injustice, digital transformation, political toxicity, humanitarian crises, and emotional malaise) have placed enormous pressure on HR practices and professionals. Under pressure, some rocks become dust and others diamonds.

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    How Core Principles Won the Day Amidst Uncertainty

    After a year like no other, it turns out that as a company, we were focused on many of the right things all along: employee experience, belonging and diversity, and agility. Read more from Workday Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith.

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    Take 5 With Ashley Goldsmith: Focus on the Front Lines (

    Ashley Goldsmith started her human resources career working alongside front-line retail workers, where she learned important lessons on the value of skills, inclusion, humility, and respect. Our chief people officer discusses why we’re investing in skills at Workday, how we’ve supported Workmates through the pandemic, and what it means to have an employee-first culture.

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    Agile Innovation in Work Design by John Boudreau and Pete Ramstad.

    As organizations plan for a future where COVID-19 is no longer a health threat, leaders are setting the stage for what is sometimes called “return to work.” Leaders are tempted to pronounce broad policies, that are often inconsistent from one organization to another. They are tempted to solve the thorny issues presented by a workforce with increasingly diverse roles, needs and preferences by searching for policies that are “fair,” because they can be applied consistently to everyone. These approaches lead to predictable “one-size-fits-all” dilemmas and problems.

    But, what choice do leaders have, when the future of work is so diverse and unpredictable?

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    A Pay Parity Milestone by Donna Morris. 

    Pay parity in India between women and men achieved.

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