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The Latest Thought Leadership and Research from Accenture

    Care to do Better 

    Leaders are taking more responsibility for workers’ holistic well-being and are actively seeking to earn their trust. Employees are expecting more from employers, particularly as they anticipate a post-pandemic world.

    Our groundbreaking research found that by meeting six fundamental human needs through work, companies unlock their people’s full potential.

    We call this framework “Net Better Off,” and its six dimensions are: Emotional & Mental, Relational, Physical, Financial, Purposeful and Employable.

    It pays to make business personal: As employers boost these dimensions and create meaningful and trusting relationships with employees, they see an increase in business performance.

    Trailblazing “Modern HR Leaders” are the catalyst for leaving employees—and the business—better off. This group exhibits a new ethos, pursues new skills and develops new collaborations.

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    Modern Boards

    The board is critical to holding leadership accountable for shaping a workforce strategy that will address volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

    Accenture’s Modern Board 2020 Survey revealed that COVID-19 increased 70% of board member involvement in company workforce strategy.

    We found that Modern Boards were leaders of organizations that exhibited better performance in workforce strategy, revenue and innovation.

    Modern Boards are excelling across five key dimensions: Mindset, Mission, Metrics, Muscle and Makeup.

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    Honing Your Digital Edge

    Digital transformation has been a priority for companies in recent years, but now it is an imperative for survival.

    Our research found that digitally fluent organizations capture strong returns in innovation, people experience and customer value.

    The 2020 Accenture Global Digital Fluency Study uncovered four digital personas that reveal distinct patterns of digital workers.

    Understanding these personas allows business leaders to identify them in their own workforce, and close necessary skills gaps.

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    People + Work Connect

    Let's help people get back to work faster

    The Covid-19 crisis has forced many organizations to reduce their workforce, while others can't fill jobs fast enough.

    People + Work Connect is a free, online employer-to-employer platform that enables organizations quickly identify and fill jobs vacancies. It eliminates multiple friction points that can extend the time it normally takes to fill these roles.

    Created by chief human resources officers from Accenture, Lincoln Financial Group, Procore and Verizon, People + Work Connect moves people from one employer to another by giving organizations that have open positions a view into the workforces available while helping organizations with available employees to find new roles.

    After a successful launch in April 2020 we have 270+ companies from 94 countries that have uploaded over 380,000+ roles on the platform.

    Please join us to help get people back to work quickly.

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    Accenture recognized as a leader by HFS Research

    Accenture is positioned as a leader in the HFS Top 10 Employee Experience Services 2020: HR Transformation and Strategy report. The report from the independent research firm includes an analysis of the 10 most significant employee experiences services providers.

    "In today’s environment, the huge investments in customer-facing digital technologies must be similarly enjoyed by the employees to create a customer experience that has immediate impact and also generates insights to anticipate changing behaviors down the road," said HFS Research CEO and Chief Analyst Phil Fersht.

    "Accenture’s substantial technology-led advisory services give clients considerable capability to modernize HR and drive workforce experience,” said Fersht. “Clients noted Accenture’s particular strength in digital transformation that simplifies very complex ideas and initiatives that could be implemented at a speed which helped them stay ahead in this environment."

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    How Businesses Can Find Hidden Workers

    The Covid-19 pandemic exposed who the real “essential” workers are — often low- and middle-skills workers like grocery store employees, health care aides who care for Covid-19 patients separated from their families, and warehouse workers who package and ship goods. It also revealed that low- and middle-skills workers in particular were acutely vulnerable when large swaths of the economy suddenly shut down; today, these individuals may be less likely to find stable work after a layoff and more likely to struggle paying their bills, rent, or mortgage compared to higher-skills workers.

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    Amazon/Accenture Study Results

    Amazon to help 29 million people around the world grow their tech skills with free cloud computing skills training by 2025

    Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services

    Written by Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services

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