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NAHR Library of Presentations

    AI and Automation -  click here

    Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities for Human Resources - click here

    Developing HR Talent - click here

    Developing HR Competencies and Capabilities - click here

    Digitalization, AI, and External Intelligence: Key Questions for Board Members and Senior Leaders to Address - Click here (PDF) 

    Digital Disruption - click here

    New Employee Activism - Click here (PDF) 

    Role of the CHRO - Click here

    Engaging with the Board -  Succession Planning - click here

    HR's Role in Managing Insider Risk - click here

    Indian Railways - click here

    Leadership, Performance Management, and Talent Planning - click here

    Managing Your Total Labor Force - click here

    NAHR SIOP Project (CHRO and Academic Survey Results) - Click here (PDF) 

    Organization and Culture - click here

    The Regulatory Environment - click here

    What Lessons Can We Learn From the Wells Fargo Event - click here

    Why Honest Conversations About the Organization;s Capabilities and Alignment With Values Develops High Trust, Commitment, and Performance - Click here (PDF) 

    Workforce and Talent Analytics - click here