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In Memoriam

    Prof. Chris Argyris (1923-2013) - Class of 1994
    Monitor Company
    James Bryant Conant Professor of Organizational Behavior Emeritus

    Richard A. Beaumont (-2020) - Class of 1993
    Formerly Chairman, Board of Directors, Organization Resources Counselors, Inc.
    and Director of Research/Industrial Relations Counselors
    Managing Director, The RAB Group LLC

    William E. Brock (-2021) - Class of 1993       
    Formerly Chairman
    Bridges Learning Systems, Inc.
    Former U.S. Senator
    Former U.S. Secretary of Labor

    Robert L. Berra  (1924-2013) - Class of 1992
    Formerly Senior Vice President
    Monsanto Company

    J. Thomas Bouchard - Class of 1997
    Formerly Executive Vice President & Vice Chairman
    ARAMARK, Inc.
    Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management
    (appointed by President Jimmy Carter)

    Alan K. “Scotty” Campbell (1924-1998) – Class of 1996
    Formerly Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman, ARAMARK, Inc.
    Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, appointed by President Jimmy Carter

    Bruce Carswell ( - 2014) - Class of 1992
    Formerly Sr. Vice President
    GTE Corporation

    Frank P. Cipolla (1935-2013) - Class of 2002
    Former Director of Center for Human Resources Management
    Natonal Academy of Public Administration

    Frederick W. Cook (1940-2018) – Class of 1995
    Founding Director
    Frederic W. Cook & Company, Inc.

    Frank P. Doyle (1931-2021) - Class of 1992
    Distinguished Fellow - Class of 1992
    Doyle Consulting
    Formerly Executive Vice President
    General Electric

    John T. Dunlop (1914-2003) - Class of 1994
    Lamont University Professor, Emeritus
    Harvard University

    John D. Hofmeister (- 2021) - Class of 2003
    Founder and CEO
    Citizens for Affordable Energy
    Formerly President
    Shell Oil Company

    Gerald A. Knechtel ( - 2012) – Class of 1997
    Formerly Vice President, Personnel, North American Operations
    General Motors Corporation

    J. Randall MacDonald - ( - 2016) - Class of 1998
    Formerly Senior Vice President, Human Resources
    IBM Corporation

    Michael P. Morley - (1943-2009) – Class of 1999
    Formerly Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President
    Eastman Kodak Company

    Betty Southard Murphy - ( - 2010) - Class of 2013
    Baker & Hostetler LLP

    Charles F. Nielson - (1937-2012) - Class of 1995
    Formerly Corporate Vice President & Manager of HR
    Texas Instruments Incorporated

    James A. Perkins
    Formerly Senior Vice President, Personnel
    Federal Express Corporation

    Felice N. Schwartz - (1925-1996) - Class of 1992
    President, Catalyst

    H. Gordon Smyth - (1927-2011) - Class of 1994
    Formerly Senior Vice President, DuPont Company

    Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas - (1944-2013) - Class of 1998
    Chief Executive Officer
    Roosevelt Thomas Consulting & Training, Inc.

    Mr. Christopher J. Wheeler - Class of 1992 - (Posthumous Award)  
    Senior Vice President
    Minnesota Mining & Manufacuring Company